The Master Commodity and Flibe's Thorium Vision

Watch Benjamin Soon talk about the importance of Thorium Energy to the world, Flibe Energy’s goals, the liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) technology, challenges in the path towards Thorium Energy deployment, and geopolitics in an interview conducted during the Thorium Energy Conference ThEC15 in Mumbai.

Benjamin Soon got to know about thorium, and specifically liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTR), over the course of his career as an analyst in the air force when he was examining subjects like energy security and geopolitics. He came across this technology (LFTR) and thought ‘Wow, this is black magic. How can something so good not have been our primary energy source like yesterday?’

Benjamin Soon’s interview at ThEC15 in Mumbai

‘Energy is the master commodity. Nothing is done or made without energy.’ concludes Mr. Soon. ‘If we can solve the energy problem, we basically solve world peace, or at least a significant section of the things we could potentially come in conflict over. Thorium represents a virtually limitless source of energy, and if we can harness it, it is tantamount to solving the problem of energy’, Mr. Soon answers when asked about the importance of Thorium Energy to the world. Flibe Energy’s dream is to solve the energy problem of the world by powering it with liquid fluoride thorium reactors.

There are some challenges in the path towards a thorium powered world. According to Mr. Soon, the first and most important obstacle is ignorance. ‘People don’t understand that the field of nuclear energy is way more than what they see, and they don’t understand what the options are.This obstacle can be overcome by increasing awareness among the general public, decision makers, policy makers, politicians and even engineers about the fact that there is this option, the thorium MSR, running on the pure thorium fuel cycle.’ Mr. Soon explains. Also the regulatory environment needs to change to enable the deployment of this technology.

What else is needed for Flibe Energy to succeed? ‘It’s really really about money’, says Mr. Soon. ‘Building on from the awareness problem, is that investors and governments who would invest in a technology, don’t generally understand the technology, lack of awareness. And because of that nobody is really willing to put money forward, and everybody is waiting for somebody else to go first.’ Mr. Soon sums.

Can Flibe Energy achieve this alone? ‘Of course not. We are only one company. We need to build an international community of not just scientists and engineers but business people, leaders, the thought leaders, the decision makers. They all have to see we have a problem.’, sums Mr. Soon the solution for Thorium Energy to become a reality.

‘Assuming that we manage to overcome the regulatory resistance, and the funding resistance, there is no reason the believe that a pure thorium fuel cycle MSR cannot be ready for deployment within 5 years.’ concludes Mr. Soon the time frame Thorium Energy deployment.

For further information about Flibe Energy and the LFTR technology, see Mr. Soon’s presentation at ThEC15 in Mumbai:

Benjamin Soon’s presentation at ThEC15 in Mumbai

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Last updated 13 January, 2016