• Affordable

    Thorium is one of the most energy-dense elements found in nature spread over all the continents in large quantities. Abundant and efficient, can Thorium offer an affordable energy source?

  • Safe

    Are there safe methods of using Thorium with no risk of meltdowns or explosions? Can Thorium also be proliferation resistant?

  • Proven

    Research into the use of Thorium started in the 1960’s in the US government's atomic lab. Was it already then proven as a superior fuel?

  • Clean

    Reactors fuelled by Thorium create zero-emission energy. Is a drastic waste reduction in both amount and lifetime enough?

  • Sustainable

    If affordable, safe and clean, does Thorium offer a sustainable solution to the world’s energy problem?

  • Conference

    The best and brightest speakers in the field in world class locations – where will the next ThEC be held?

  • Thorium Energy
  • Let's power the world with Thorium Energy

Nuclear Energy, our Destiny

What do ordinary people associate with ‘nuclear reactions’? Aaron Hall argues that the answers need to be reevaluated since it is our duty as earth dwellers to investigate all avenues of energy research to provide a sustainable future for us and our planet.

World’s First Thorium Reactor Designed

India’s forward-thinking attitude has established the country as the leader in thorium reactor development. But can India put its long-term plan into reality? Now, their AHWR design is finished, taking them one big step forward.

UVU Develops MSR

The Technology commercialization offices at Utah Valley University and the University of Utah have joined forces to improve designs and functioning of the Molten-Salt Reactor (MSR) says Kent Millington, technology commercialization director at UVU.

Transatomic Power (TAP) – White Paper

TAP helps us understand their reactor technology much better through the release of their Technical White Paper. It says ‘The TAP reactor’s primary innovations – a novel combination of moderator and fuel salt – can also be adapted for use with thorium. Transatomic Power believes that the thorium fuel cycle holds theoretical advantages over uranium in the long run because of its generally shorter half-life waste, its minimization of plutonium from the fuel cycle, and its greater natural supply.’

Leslie Dewan presents the TAP reactor at Solve for X 2014

World Thorium Resources

Thorium is one of the essential resources being researched and explored for a sustainable solution to the world’s energy situation. A responsible and well-structured approach to measuring and estimating these resources, therefore, becomes very important. While demand for thorium is expected to see a rise in the foreseeable future, at the present, there is a wide variation in both sources and estimates that are available worldwide. Estimates and numbers suffer from inconsistent measurement methods and a lack of an international standard.

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Thorium: An Alternative for Nuclear Energy?

The question is raised by no other than Uranium Investing News, which is a part of Investing News Network (INN), a rapidly growing network of focused publications targeted at investors.

Questions and Answers on Thorium

The Engineer recently asked its readers to submit questions for an expert panel. They have now published the answers to a wide variety of questions like:

Do you see thorium reactors as a long-term solution to our energy needs or as more of a stop-gap until a cleaner/more affordable technology comes along?

Could thorium-fuelled reactors use nuclear waste in their fuel?

India set to Close the Cycle

Most countries have today changed from the closed fuel cycle path to the once-through, open fuel cycle. India, however, is not only aiming for a closed fuel cycle but one based on Thorium for long-term domestic fuel supply. This is a huge and in many ways unique undertaking.

Reuters: U.S. and China Collaborate on Thorium

Reuters has published a ’Special Report’ called ’The U-S- government lab behind China’s nuclear power push’, which looks at the ongoing research on thorium, where U.S. and China collaborate.

The Future of Energy, Nuclear and a Touch of Thorium

The Nobel Week Dialogue is an open, cross-disciplinary meeting, bringing together a unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, policy makers and thought leaders focused on Exploring the Future of Energy. Topics include renewables, nuclear energy, fossil fuels and climate change. The event took place the day before the award ceremony for the 2013 Nobel Prize winners.